Herbis Magicum

A storehouse of physical and philosophical secrets (English Version)

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Discover The Lost Secrets Of Alchemy

Primera parte
Enseñando a destilar toda clase Aceite de Gomas, Especias, Semillas, Raíces, Hierbas, y Minerales &c. Con sus diversas virtudes,de varios Autores aprobados.

Segunda parte
Contiene la ordenación y preparación detodos los Metales, Minerales, Alumbres, Sales, y similares:para medicinas internas y externas,y para otros usos diversos.

*English Version


Discover the Lost Basics of Alchemical Extractions for Plants and Minerals.

Written in 2 parts by Jospeh Duchesne in 1633, who was a student of Paracelsus. Inside these covers lies the lost knowledge of alchemical extractions.

The First Part

Teaching to distill all manner of Oyles  from Gummes, Spices, Seeds, Roots, Hearts, and Minerals &c. With their severall vertues, out of sundry approved Authors.

The Second Part

Containing the ordering and preparing of all Metals, Minerals, Allumes, Salts, and such like: for medicines both inwardly and outwardly, and for divers other uses.

The English version of this book was published in 1633 so most of the current copies are badly damaged or facsimiles and barely readable.

Such knowledge should not be lost and so it is with great pride that his book has been painstakingly digitally remastered. This is not a facsimile but in fact an entirely new and remastered book. Great pains were taken in not changing a single word. Everything is in the authors own words, we have added or subtracted nothing. In some cases several of the same books were referenced to ensure everything was correct. Though it is possible one sign or symbol may be incorrect we have done everything in our power to bring you this treatise on lost secrets exactly as the author originally wished it to be read, even down to the originally spellings of words which by today’s standards are wrong. I hope you enjoy this reborn volume.

*English Version

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